Consider the Consequences of Vaping National Tour

The Consider the Consequences tour visits high schools and events across Canada to engage teens on the facts about vaping so they can make an informed choice. As of June 2020, the tour is now being offered virtually!

What is covered on the tour?

The tour engages students with activities that cover the following issues:

  • Vaping with nicotine can lead to nicotine addiction
  • Vaping can cause lung damage
  • Nicotine can alter teen brain development
  • The long-term health impacts of vaping are unknown

Use our online tools to raise awareness about the consequences of vaping for teens.

We have online tools you can use to raise awareness about the consequences of vaping in your classroom, school, and community centers.

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Tour Photos

Impact of the Consider the Consequences Awareness Initiative: Tour Stops & Educational Materials

Map of Canada representing vaping awareness kits distributed by date